Author: Eric Grey

Leaning into writing (again)

I started blogging on Livejournal in 2002. I had to check, which still exists, to verify this. And in so doing, realized there is a LOT of interesting material to explore there. What a gift to have significant record of my thoughts from my early 20s. I do have a smattering of journal entries […]

Sound sounding

I just returned from my 5th silent meditation retreat @greatvow in 5 months. I am also on the verge of reaching 365 consecutive days of seated meditation practice. To say this year has been life changing would be a dramatic understatement. It has been, rather, life making. Life giving. While my previous seven meditation retreats […]

The perfect antidote

In a few hours, I’ll leave the comfortable container of the life I have built and enter into a silent meditation retreat. It’s the formal style of retreat known as sesshin in Zen practice, my first time doing this type of retreat. I’ve done silent retreats, long retreats, and retreats where meditation is the focus […]


I take walks often. It’s how I process, how I generate new ideas, and how I shed a bad mood. I’d say that the simple act of walking is the most vital pillar in my self care stack. Running a close second, however, is writing. When it comes to thinking something through, planning anything or […]