Me amid the Massive Giants of California

Hello, I’m Eric Grey. I’m a Classical Chinese medicine practitioner, Buddhist, teacher, writer, parent, philosopher, lover of animals and wild nature, small business owner and multiply neurodivergent queer identified rabble rouser.

Among other things. 😉

This space is for me, ultimately, created as an act of reclamation. Reclamation of the joy & freedom I found in writing online back in the old days of the Internet, when blogging was still more like a journal than it was like a job.

This space is for freely exploring all of my special interests, documenting my journey through this strange life & expressing my developing thoughts and opinions on various topics. It is an intentionally eclectic and informal platform.

I will explore Classical Chinese Medicine including herbs, acupuncture, cosmology & symbolism, philosophy, history and more. I will most certainly talk about Chinese language and culture as it applies to my primary profession. Speaking of my profession, if you’re interested in learning about my clinic and maybe seeing me as a patient – you can find Watershed Wellness here. And if you are a Chinese medicine practitioner who needs some help with the business side of things, you might be interested in Whole Life Practitioner.

I will also explore various topics in Philosophy, my first scholarly love. I am particularly interested in epistemology, ethics, philosophy of science, philosophy of medicine and philosophical explorations of professions, businesses and other forms of human organization.

I’ll doubtless also frequently dip into topics related to self-cultivation. I am a Buddhist, I attend retreats and services at Great Vow Monastery in Clatskanie, OR. I also practice and teach qigong, and utilize it in my clinical practice. I have consulted the yijing since I was 17 years old, and have always had a powerful interest in understanding how best to utilize all of my faculties – body, mind and spirit.

If you’re interested in interacting, the best place to go is Twitter. You can also reach out using the contact forms on the websites for Whole Life Practitioner & Watershed Wellness.